Professional translation, editing and revision of texts in Italian or in other foreign languages.
Style or grammar aren’t really your strong suit? You recently settled in Ticino and you don’t master the language? You don’t have time or don’t know how to deal with administrative procedures? No worry! With over twenty years’ experience in the industry, Segretaria a noleggio will translate letters, e-mails or any other document, fill out forms, accompany you as an interpreter at business meetings or do phone calls on your behalf.

Often, after a hard week of work you must give up part of your free time to draw up offers and invoices, check your incoming and outgoing payments, manage wages, social contributions and withholding taxes. The workload is constantly increasing and a secretary would be of great help, but the costs of a full-timer or even a par-timer are too high.
Segretaria a noleggio is the perfect solution! Through a personalized advice we’ll establish the most appropriate solution to manage your administration.

Bureaucratic procedures are often long and tedious, we can take care of them by saving you precious time.
Early retirement applications, OASI-DI annuities and related supplementary benefits, widow’s annuities, allowances under the Social security benefits harmonization regulation, civil status procedures, preparation or translation of documents: you don’t know how to get along with all this or you have little time? Segretaria a noleggio can help you with all these procedures and much more!