Are you a small business, a craftsman, a garage owner, a bar, a restaurant, a family-run company or an individual and you don’t have the time to personally take care of the administration of your business? Do you feel uncomfortable with forms, administrative procedures, phone calls? Your office is a mess because you have no time to file your documents, keep up with invoices, orders or incoming and outgoing payments? You would like to attend a trade fair or create an event, but you don’t have time to spend with the organization? You have a working document, a letter or an e-mail to be written or translated in a language you don’t master?

No worry! We have the right solution for you!

SEGRETARIA A NOLEGGIO offers a tailor-made service by taking care of all the administrative work and cutting back on the fixed costs of an in-house secretary as we will invoice you only the actual time spent for processing the assignment.